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About Wix Website Builder

Wix is an easy to use, drag and drop Website building tool. We recommend Wix because it is ideal for small business owners who want to edit their own site without coding.  SEO on Wix is excellent, and Wix are now aiming to become a one-stop shop for small businesses with Ascend - a customer relationship management tool which handles workflows, automations and mail-outs.  


With Corvid (Wix Code), it is possible to create bespoke functionalities including dynamic, database driven pages displaying many properties in the same format.

Sigo Web Designs are amongst the highest ranking Wix agencies in the UK but we are also independent and will give you the best advice for your business needs. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ section below, feel free to drop us a line!

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How is Wix for SEO?

Wix SEO is excellent. Wix have a deal with Google which means that your site can rank quickly. I have E-commerce stores which rank higher than larger competitors. As clever as Wix is, there are some things which computers cannot yet do. If getting found by customers on Google is important it is worth hiring a professional to help with your SEO strategy, intelligent keyword research and building your site with the right structures that will make Google love your website.

Are Wix Sites Responsive Across Devices?

Websites built in Wix do not respond to screen sizes in the same way as Wordpress or Shopify.  Certain elements such as simple text or images don't resize as screen size is narrowed and instead need to be placed within gridlines which indicate the visible space for devices such as tablets. For mobile phone view you can simply use the mobile phone view editor. If you are new to Wix then responsive design requires a bit of learning. Hire SIGo to make your entire Wix website responsive quickly.​

What To Do If My Wix Site Is Loading Slowly?

Wix sites used to load a little slowly. Wix have done a lot of work to resolve this issue and if this happens there are things you can do to improve loading time. If a lightning fast site is crucial to your business then test out your template on a tablet to see the slowest loading time before committing to it. 

Which Wix Subscription Should I Buy?

By choosing Wix hosting you will need to pay a small monthly subscription to avoid having a Wix banner at the top of your website, or if you want to enable features such as payment processing. Pricing plans vary and can be viewed here. In general if you have a simple brochure website then our advice is to go for the cheapest option.


Wix Templates

Wix have hundreds of templates. Once you have built your website, you cannot import the content into a different theme. Instead you would simply need to rearrange everything. 

What If Wix Go Bust?

If ever Wix were to go bust then you would probably lose your website, but with 180 million users, this seems highly unlikely.

Should I use Wix?

Wix is ideal for people who want unlimited creativity with robust functionality, and the ability to make edits without paying a designer. Wix take care of security, bug fixes and updates so that you can focus on your business.  Wix sites can be built quickly and there is really nothing to stop you creating the precise look you want. 

Why should I pay a professional designer to create my website in Wix ?

You should pay a professional designer to design your website in Wix if you want your website to look professional. It is very worth the one-off, small investment to create a stunning website that is found on Google, impresses clients and helps you to win sales.

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